Sump Pumps Connected to the Sanitary Sewer Cause Big Problems!

Connecting your basement sump pump to your house sewer drain-line may seem like a convenient option to keep pesky rainwater from ruining your home, but it is illegal!

Sanitary sewer lines are designed and sized to convey sewage, not groundwater and rain water. During wet weather events, the sanitary sewer system can become overburdened due to illegal sump pump connections, as well as downspouts being connected to the sewer. Not only does this illegal act burden the system, but it unfairly raises rates for everyone since sewer charges are calculated based on your water company meter and NOT the amount of water exiting your home.

If your home has a sump pump or downspouts currently connected to your home’s sewer line, please call us right away at (215) 968-4109 so that we can discuss an alternative.

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