Beware of running toilets

When you hear your toilet running, have you ever wondered how much water and money you’re throwing down the drain? The simple answer is that it could be A LOT!

Toilets are often the biggest culprit of high water usage. Sometimes toilets run because the flapper sticks, the chain is caught on something inside the tank, or the flapper is worn out inside the tank. Since the water flows down the sewer, leaking toilets don’t necessarily leave any signs of a leak, until you get the bill.

If your toilet is running you want to fix it right away! If you are unable to repair the toilet immediately and plan on “getting to it later,” the Authority advises that at minimum you should turn off the valve located behind the toilet when not in use until such time that it can be repaired.

In one case, a customer called because the bill was almost $2,000!! As it turned out, a toilet in the home was running non-stop for 3 continuous months and the problem was ignored, that is, until they received the sewer bill.

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