How can I make a payment?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard and payment can be made by calling us at 215-968-4109. Alternatively, you can always stop at our office or mail a check to:

Newtown Sewer Authority
P.O. Box 329
15 S. Congress Street
Newtown, PA 18940

Why is my sewer bill suddenly much higher than usual?

A sewer bill that suddenly spikes is the result of your home or business using more water than normal. This could result from having houseguests or more people occupying the home, but could also be the sign that you may have a leaking fixture such as a toilet.

Can I connect my homes sump pump, roof leaders or downspouts to the sanitary sewer line?

Absolutely not! It is illegal to connect any of these and could result in fines if you do.

How can I check to see if my toilet is leaking?

One method we recommend is to place some food coloring into the back tank of your toilet and walk away. Check back later to see if the toilet bowl now contains colored water without having flushed it. If the toilet bowl water is colored, you have a leak and should make plans to have it fixed.

Click Here for more information on leaking/running toilets.

I filled my swimming pool, can I get a credit for the water that I used?

Unfortunately, we do not allow a credit for filling your swimming pool.

The cap on the pipe in my yard is missing or broken, what do I do about it?

The cap in your yard can be obtained from most hardware stores, plumbing supply companies or your plumber. It is important to replace these caps because children tend to like to drop items such as rocks and sticks down the pipe which could result in a blockage.

I’m selling my home and need to cancel my service, what do I do?

Your realtor or the title company that is handling your sale will contact us and take care of all the necessary steps for you.

Who is responsible for the sewer line in my yard?

The sewer line running from your home or business out towards the sewer mainline is your responsibility. The Authority is responsible for sewer mainlines and the laterals that branch off of them.

My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do now?

Give us a call during regular business hours, we love to talk to our customers! We can be reached at (215) 968-4109 from 8:00am through 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

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