Fixing your cleanouts and caps

Have you ever wondered what that funny looking pipe is that sticks up from your yard? That pipe is often referred to as a cleanout or trap and it serves an important purpose to your homes plumbing.

One purpose of the cleanout is that if your home experiences a sewer blockage, a plumber can clear the obstruction through this pipe. Many homeowners can’t stand the sight of these pipes and elect to cut them down and bury them so they don’t have to look at these “unsightly” pipes. THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!

Another purpose of the cleanout is that it can act as a safety in the event that the main sewer line in the street becomes blocked. If the main-line becomes blocked, sewage will begin to back up and will seek a spot to overflow from. If your cleanout is buried, raw sewage can back up into your house and create an overflow in your house!

It is extremely important to maintain your cleanout and replace any broken pieces or missing caps that are on them. Most caps can be obtained from hardware stores, plumbing supply companies or by your local plumber.

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